IHC SAS and IHC Hytop join forces as IHC SAS - Hytop B.V.

News published on
04 December 2017

Royal IHC is pleased to announce that IHC SAS and IHC Hytop will be joining forces. On 1 December 2017, they officially merged to become IHC SAS – Hytop B.V.

This move was made to complement each organisation’s expertise and product portfolio. With IHC SAS as the designer and manufacturer of high-quality deck equipment and IHC Hytop as the specialist in mechanical hydraulic systems, IHC SAS-Hytop will be a serious player across a range of dynamic markets, with existing and new services.

Although both organisations serve their own markets and have their own product portfolio, there is an overlap. As such, they already join forces and share expertise on a frequent basis. In this way, they can work together to create integrated solutions.

"As one organisation, IHC SAS – Hytop B.V. will be able to take on substantial projects, lower overheads, reduce reporting lines, and therefore further focus on knowledge and expertise,” says Managing Director Erik Kros. “We look forward to serving you in our specialist areas, and broadening our existing markets with state-of-the-art products and services.”

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