New signature vessel design unveiled by Royal IHC

News published on
30 August 2016

Royal IHC has introduced a new design philosophy for offshore vessels at the ONS exhibition in Norway. The company’s new line of vessels showcases its renowned ability to transform functional requirements into optimal performance with contemporary, safe and comfortable Dutch design techniques. 

The new signature design is the result of close cooperation with yacht designer Mulder, and interior architect HofmanDujardin. The philosophy is to create a ‘home away from home’ in an efficient and high-tech environment. IHC’s goal is to build purpose-built vessels with the intended mission and people in mind, so they can carry out their duties as safely and efficiently as possible. 

To enhance safety on board, transparency and clear routing were the focus for the layout of the new offshore vessel series. Different functional areas are separated and marked by various colours and signage, while the central transparent casing connecting these areas is also clearly marked. 

The hull lines are the result from IHC’s successful series of offshore vessels. The hull has been optimised based on the company’s extensive experience, using CFD tools and model testing to accomplish low resistance during transit, while still retaining excellent sea- and station-keeping capabilities. 

With this new concept, IHC has reinforced its reputation for providing superior functionality with unparalleled and integrated design.