Royal IHC acquires SAS Offshore

News published on
05 January 2015

Royal IHC (IHC) has acquired SAS Offshore, which is based in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands. SAS Offshore is specialised in designing and manufacturing high quality deck equipment for the offshore oil and gas market. This acquisition enables IHC to further secure its position as a supplier of reliable integrated offshore systems and integrated vessels in this sector.

SAS Offshore was originally founded in 1896 in Gouda and it has a long track record in delivering pipelaying systems and winches, including ancillary equipment and services. The company also holds a minority shareholding in the Norwegian engineering and service company AXTech, and this stake has also been taken over by IHC. AXTech develops, designs, delivers, tests, commissions and carries out service on heavy lifting and material handling equipment for use in harsh and corrosive marine environments.

IHC and SAS Offshore have already worked closely together on numerous projects. The most recent example was the delivery of the tensioners and winches for the pipelaying systems for the Sapura Navegação Marítima integrated pipelaying vessels, which were designed and built by IHC.

"The acquisition of SAS Offshore fits perfectly into our strategy of becoming a total solutions provider," says IHC's CEO Bram Roelse. "Its high level of knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities mean that we are even better equipped to deliver turnkey solutions. We are also gaining better access to the important offshore markets in Brazil and Norway thanks to SAS Offshore's portfolio and local facilities."