Royal IHC and Dräger announce strategic alliance

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04 May 2015

Royal IHC and Dräger have joined forces to offer the market a single source for fully integrated Diving Support Vessels. The initial focus will lie on the market segment of vessels with automated, 18-person, twin bell saturation diving systems. The partners offer clients the highest available quality and state-of-the-art technical solutions at a competitive price, under a single contract. The alliance will bear total responsibility for the execution of these complex projects, including full integration and certification, whilst maintaining a high level of interaction with the client.

The IHC and Dräger proposition

  •  Minimized commercial risk and complexity for the customer by offering a single contract where the partners operate as one entity towards the customer 
  • A stable, proven commercial cooperation for project execution and life-cycle management
  • Broadly accepted in the market – the technology and design are appreciated by dive teams and operators 
  • Vast experience in the design and build of systems and offshore vessels 
  • Outstanding track record of integrating mission equipment and vessels

In short, this alliance provides a reliable partner which will deliver on time, on spec and to budget.

One customer, one solution, one contract

In understanding the complexities and commercial risks associated with procuring, integrating and certifying a DSV, the IHC and Dräger alliance is specifically structured to simplify the process. This simplification results in a superior solution through a single contract between the customer and IHC, with Dräger as a fully allied subcontractor.

This is a bold yet logical simplification of a clear market demand. The IHC and Dräger alliance provides commercial security through a blend of high competence and competitive offerings.


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    Royal IHC and Dräger announce strategic alliance