Royal IHC builds self-supporting boosters for stock and rental

News published on
05 March 2017
Royal IHC (IHC) is currently building two 895kW container booster stations for stock. This follows the success of the IHC Beaver® series and DMC work boats, which have been built for stock for years.  “The large demand for standardised cutter suction dredgers proves that immediate delivery of high-quality dredging equipment is highly appreciated in the dredging market,” says Product Director Kees Jan Verkaik. “The first booster will be finished by the end of March, with the second due in April.” 

Self-supporting and containerised
The new 895kW booster is a versatile and robust support for various types of dredging projects. Equipped with state-of-the art technology, it is self-supporting on land and water, due to several features such as air cooling, an integrated fuel tank and no-flush pump seal. 

The pump system, with CutterSpecial® pump, is reliable and fuel-efficient. Furthermore, the booster station can be transported as a 20ft high cube offshore container – ideal for quick delivery to the dredging location.

“We are aiming to build more units on stock, as well as several units for rental,” says Operations Manager Rental Dick Dolkemade. “The latter is an ideal and flexible solution for customers who temporarily need to boost their dredging operations. This enables dredge operators to cost-effectively execute their project and keep their equipment inventory at a minimum.”