Royal IHC launches two DMC 1900 work boats

News published on
17 March 2016

Royal IHC recently launched two Delta Multi Craft (DMC) 1900 work boats for Huta Marine Works (Huta) in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The launch of the Huta 518 and Huta 519 took place at the ship lift in Sliedrecht, The Netherlands.

Like all Delta Multi Craft workboats, the DMC 1900 is a compact, multi-purpose and heavy-duty work boat. It is perfectly suited to supporting the operations of heavy-duty cutter suction dredgers (CSDs) such as those owned by Huta. The company’s fleet includes 12 IHC CSDs of varying sizes used for operations in and around The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“The Huta 518 and Huta 519 are welcome additions to our fleet and will help to support our dredging operations,” says Tag Saleh, Director for Dredging, Reclamations and Marine Facilities at Huta.The DMC 1900 is equipped with a reinforced deck, and a deck crane capable of handling and easily lifting heavy-duty cutter heads used by Huta to dredge rock. The removable railing work enables Huta to easily lift floating dredge lines on deck, and the vessel will be used for the towage and transportation of spares and goods to the dredgers.

The DMC 1900 is a multi-purpose vessel that can be used for a wide range of marine operations. With the installed moon pool, the DMC can also be deployed for survey tasks and is supplied with two fire monitor nozzles on the superstructure for firefighting purposes. As standard, these workboats are equipped with a towing bit and all required winches (anchor, anchor handling and tugger).

For a comfortable operation, the vessel has full day accommodation and two cabins each with two beds.