Royal IHC receives honor award for the delivery of five pipelaying vessels

News published on
12 July 2016

On 21 June 2016, Royal IHC successfully delivered the pipelaying vessel, SAPURA RUBI, to Sapura Navegação Marítima. This delivery marks the end of an outstanding project for IHC and, for this achievement, it has received an honor award from Sapura Navegação Marítima.

The award recognises the achievement of the delivery of five full integrated pipelaying vessels, which arrived on time and within budget. Sapura Navegação Marítima also thanked IHC for allowing them to be part of the company’s century-old success story and helping them to write the first chapters of their own journey.

Arjan Klijnsoon, Director Shipbuilding, says “IHC is very thankful for this recognition. The project was impressive; all five vessels were completely designed, engineered and built by IHC. The results are also remarkable, the entire project has been on – or ahead of – schedule and the operational vessels are all performing very well. This proves IHC to be a reliable partner in complex activities.

The five vessels – SAPURA DIAMANTE, SAPURA TOPÁZIO, SAPURA ÔNIX, SAPURA JADE and SAPURA RUBI – are all equipped with a pipelaying spread designed and built by IHC, and two below-deck storage carousels, with capacities for 2,500t and 1,500t of product respectively. A vertical (tiltable) lay system with a 550t top tension capacity will be permanently installed for the deployment of a range of flexible products, and the tower orientation allows for maximum deck space. A custom-designed IHC control system integrates each aspect of the pipelaying spread to ensure excellent levels of performance, safety and reliability. All these vessels are destined for Brazilian waters to develop deep-sea oilfields of up to 2,500m on behalf of Petrobras.