Royal IHC sells two IHC Beagle 8 TSHDs

News published on
25 January 2016

Royal IHC is proud to announce that the Adani Group has signed a contract for two IHC Beagle® 8 trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHDs). These two 8,000m3 vessels belong to the standardised IHC Beagle® series, designed and built by IHC using over a century of dredging experience.

The IHC Beagle® series achieves high levels of efficiency and maximum uptime as a result of its uniform design and the use of high-end components. The vessels are reliable performers, with an emphasis on operational excellence. Each comes equipped with IHC's Trailspeed Controller (TSC) and Eco Pump Controller (EPC). Developed in-house, the TSC ensures a constant speed while dredging, which leads to higher average production results and greater levels of consistency, while the EPC reduces excessive cavitation as well as wear and tear, and fuel consumption.

The Adani Group is India's largest private multi-port operator, and its dredging division already owns several IHC-built cutter suction dredgers (CSDs). The two IHC Beagle® 8 vessels will be added to Adani's fleet in line with its impressive expansion, and used for the maintenance and development of its numerous ports.

While standardised, the two IHC Beagle® dredgers will be equipped with a bespoke set of options. Due to the modular design of the series, the vessels can be adapted – either during construction or at a later stage – to suit specific needs. For example, one of the vessels will work with challenging soils, and so will be equipped with a heavier draghead and additional propulsion power.

Supporting the customer is one of the core values of IHC. So, in addition to the vessels, IHC is providing the Adani Group with an extensive assistance and training package. In the long term, IHC will also provide assistance with the IHC Planned Maintenance System and spare parts package. This will ensure that the Adani Group will be able to hit the ground running and that the vessels will operate successfully for many years to come. 

"We are pleased that, after supplying a number of CSDs to the company, the Adani Group has entrusted IHC with the delivery of two TSHDs," said IHC CEO Bram Roelse. "The fact that they also requested a portfolio of services and training demonstrates that our customer also values IHC's extensive knowledge and experience. We are happy to share this with them to enable them to continue growing."