Royal IHC successfully launches 21,028m³ trailing suction hopper dredger JUN YANG 1 for GDC

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19 December 2015

The naming and launch ceremony of the trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) JUN YANG 1 took place on Saturday 19 December 2015 at Royal IHC's shipyard in Kinderdijk, The Netherlands. The dredger is being built for CCCC Guangzhou Dredging Co., Ltd (GDC), and the ceremony was performed by Ms. Li Wen Ci, the wife of H.E. The Ambassador of the People's Republic of China in The Netherlands.

IHC has a long-standing relationship with GDC and both companies cooperated closely in the design of the dredger. At the time of delivery, it will be the largest vessel of its kind in China, and will enable GDC to carry out capital dredging and land reclamation jobs on the international market in an efficient way.

To achieve this, the JUN YANG 1 is equipped with two suction tubes, each with a submerged dredge pump, for a highly efficient dredging performance. Both suction tubes have a dredging depth of up to 40-60m, and the starboard suction tube can be extended to a dredging depth of 90m. Two inboard dredge pumps have been installed for efficient shore discharging and rainbowing. The TSHD has a high level of automation, designed and supplied by IHC, for highly productive dredging operations.

This is the 19th vessel built by IHC for GDC over the last 40 years. In four decades IHC has developed a diverse portfolio of dredging vessels ranging from TSHDs to cutter suction dredgers and wheel dredgers. These dredgers were constructed either on the IHC slipways in The Netherlands, or in partnership with shipyards in the People's Republic of China.

"The very long-lasting relationship between GDC and IHC reflects the mutual trust and appreciation between the two companies," says IHC's Executive Director Shipbuilding, Arjan Klijnsoon. "This has resulted in extremely close cooperation on the construction of the largest TSHD in China."

The contract for the design, construction and delivery of the vessel was signed between GDC and IHC on 1 November 2012. The keel of the vessel was laid on 16 January 2015 at IHC's shipyard in Kinderdijk. The JUN YANG 1 is scheduled for completion by end July 2016.

Main features

 Name  JUN YANG 1
 Length  approx. 167.5m
 Breadth, moulded  31m
 Depth, moulded  12.2m
 Mean moulded draught at International Freeboard  approx. 8.75m
 Mean moulded draught at dredging mark  approx. 11m
 Loading capacity at 11m draught  31,500t
 Hopper capacity at highest overflow level  21,028m3
 Inside diameter of trailing suction pipe (2)  1,200/1,100mm
 Dredging depth  40/60/90m
 Trial speed  16.3 knots
 Accommodation  45 people

The vessel has been be designed and constructed under survey and to the requirements of the China Classification Society (CCS) with the following notations:

  • CSA Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, Dredging within R1, PSPC (B) 


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    Royal IHC successfully launches 21,028m3 trailing suction hopper dredger JUN YANG 1 for GDC

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