Royal IHC’s new digital Service IRIS is available now

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01 March 2020

Royal IHC introduces its new digital service IRIS, short for integrated and remote intelligence solutions. IRIS is a global connected platform that provides IHC customers with operational intelligence on their vessels and helps them to make better informed data-driven decisions.


Via a mobile web application users can login and monitor performance indicators, such as production, fuel consumption and operational hours of their fleet or vessel. Multiple roles of the dredging companies’ organisations can benefit from the application; from fleet management, superintendents through operators. Their administrative tasks are unburdened by automated daily reports completed with field information.


Digitisation is a continuous trend in the maritime industry

Within the offshore oil and has, offshore wind and dredging sectors, digitisation is a continuous trend and it’s growing faster and faster. New technologies have been disrupting the global maritime market extensively. Therefore, IHC is developing several integrated digital services to meet customers’ needs, which IRIS is one of. IHC developed IRIS in co-creation with customers, users of standard IHC Beaver® cutter suction dredgers, to make sure that a value-added digital service is delivered. 


In the meanwhile, the app is further developed by adding more functionalities and features.


Find more information about IRIS via this link

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