Vuyk launches new corporate identity

News published on
09 December 2016

Today, Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam (Vuyk) presents its new corporate identity, including a new logo and website. The update comes as a result of the evolution of the company over the past few decades and represents the transformation from a vessel designer into a full service maritime engineering and design company. It also emphasises Vuyk’s strong relationship with its holding company, Royal IHC.

More than vessel design
The new logo represents Vuyk’s current position in the market. Traditionally, the company has been known for vessel design, but over the years Vuyk has gained valuable knowledge and expertise in marine operations engineering and equipment design. This has resulted in the need for a new logo, as the original V-shaped bow wave logo refers only to Vuyk’s roots in vessel design. 

Combining services
The new logo focuses on the brand name and reflects Vuyk’s partnership with IHC. In addition, it expresses the future possibilities for the company. “In recent years, we have seen an increasing demand for services that go beyond consultancy, design and engineering,” says Marc Oele, Managing Director at Vuyk. “This can range from an equipment package up to building a turnkey vessel. These kinds of services are widely available within the Royal IHC group. As Vuyk is part of IHC, we can offer our customers the option to seamlessly tie in our services with those of IHC.”

As independent as ever

“This new proposition doesn’t take away Vuyk’s independency,” assures Dave Vander Heyde, CEO of IHC. “Vuyk has been part of IHC since 2008 and I am sure we have shown throughout the years that Vuyk remains as independent as ever. With the broad spectrum of markets Vuyk operates in – integrating marine operations engineering, vessel design and equipment design – they have continued to help customers realise new ideas, vessels and equipment and will continue to do so.” 

“IHC recognises that highly complex and tailored designs require a high level of confidentiality, even within the IHC group,” he adds. “Any design Vuyk makes is a one-off, providing solutions to a customer’s specific need. We fully respect their property rights and customers can still opt to build a Vuyk design at a third-party yard. However, within IHC we are determined to come up with the best proposal for a larger package than the Vuyk design only.”

Vuyk proudly invites you to visit the new website,