Turn key delivery

In January 2012, the first contracts with Sapura were signed. The customer ordered the design, engineering and construction of two fully integrated 550t pipelaying vessels. In August 2013, these contracts were followed by an order for three additional fully integrated 550t vessels. The delivery times agreed with the customer, coupled with the short intervals between vessel deliveries, has necessitated a very tight schedule.

In order to comply with such delivery dates, IHC build in series. Upon the launch of one vessel, the largest possible section of the next is already on the upper part of the slipway. Following the launch, this second vessel is transported down for further completion. Simultaneously, the third vessel’s construction begins on the upper part of the slipway, ready for transport on the second vessel’s launch day. In the meantime, the first vessel is being commissioned.

Thanks to the efforts of all those involved, IHC has delivered three ships within three years of signing the contract. In order to enable Sapura to begin operations as soon as possible following the delivery of the vessels, a simulation system has been developed. This means that the crew can be trained to operate the pipelay system well before the vessels are delivered.