Recent projects defence

Royal IHC recently expanded its activities in the global defence market and intensified its contact with the Ministry of Defence in the Netherlands. Royal IHC is currently carrying out three engineering assignments for the Department of Material Maintenance (DMI), and was able to contribute to the recovery of the crashed NH90 helicopter in the field of engineering and production. We are also part of the HR ecosystem and a partner in the Maritime Capacity Alliance.


Engineering assignments for DMI

Royal IHC is very proud of the contract with the ‘Directie Materiële Instandhouding’ (DMI) for three different engineering assignments. The assignments are for modifications to existing equipment and cover various engineering areas. Expertise IHC has all available in-house.


Partner of the Maritime Capacity Alliance

The Maritime Capacity Alliance (MCA) is a collective of national and international (civil) companies that shares knowledge, innovates and collaborates with Defense in the context of the adaptive armed forces.


Recovery NH90 Helicopter

As a proud member of the Maritime Capacity Alliance we are grateful that we could contribute to the successful salvage operation of the NH90 with engineering and production services. Great teamwork between several different parties has made this possible.

Article: ROV utilised to salvage crashed Dutch NH90 helicopter in the Caribbean 

Article: Dutch Navy recovers crashed NH90 helicopter in Caribbean

HR Eco-system

As of June 2020, Royal IHC is part of the HR-Eco System of the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

The HR ecosystem aims to achieve a collaboration for sustainable human resources with partner organisations. By exchanging staff, the affiliated organisations try to share scarce capacities, learn from each other and give staff the opportunity to broaden and / or deepen their work experience and develop talents. This means that talent is retained, even in difficult economic times.