Booster stations

Land-based or floating booster stations to maximise production at larger discharge distances

IHC’s booster stations significantly improve productivity over longer pumping distances and can be used with smaller standard dredgers, as well as larger custom-built vessels.
  • Proven IHC pump technology 
  • Interfaces with other equipment 
  • Balanced and rigid design 
  • Identical spare parts for dredger and booster 
  • Containerised boosters available

Main features

When choosing a booster station, selecting the right combination of engine and pump is essential.  Our technical knowledge and field experience ensures that the functionality of your booster is guaranteed. Features include:

  • high efficiency IHC dredge pump
  • identical parts in the dredger and booster reduce the number of spare parts required
  • process monitoring and automation
  • remote control from dredger possible
  • from standard to fully custom-built designs.

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