Cutter dredger excavation equipment

Cutter heads and dredging wheels for every dredging challenge

We have been developing cutterheads and dredging wheels for decades based on practical experience with numerous types of soils and dredging vessels from all around the world.
  • Solutions for every soil type and working method
  • Cutterheads and teeth available from stock
  • Easy maintenance
  • Perfectly compatible with the IHC Beaver® series

Main features

Our cutter technology is driven by our fundamental knowledge of excavation, slurry creation and wear resistance. The combination of these factors is the unique basis for offering the best cutterheads and dredging wheels in the world: 

  • developed with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis 
  • specific teeth available for each type of soil
  • track record of over 550 cutterheads in 20 years
  • custom cutting solutions available to fit specific customer needs
  • lifelong support.

Available range


  • multi-purpose – adaptable to different soil types and with interchangeable CB teeth
  • Lancelot® – smooth cutting process with minimal spillage in loose soil
  • light-duty rock – robust cutterhead with high wear resistance
  • edge – simple and reliable cutterhead for small-sized cutter suction dredgers
  • CurveTooth – capable of handling the toughest and hardest soils.

Dredging wheel:

  • constant feed for mining operations and the best solution for highly plastic clays. 

Tooth systems:

  • CB tooth system: flared chisel, pick point and narrow chisel to suit all types of soils
  • CT tooth system: CurveTooth with wing adapter or shank adapter are able to penetrate hard soils and withstand all cutting forces.

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