IHC Beaver® Information System (IBIS)

Modular device for monitoring IHC Beaver operational parameters

The IBIS has been exclusively designed for the IHC Beaver® cutter suction dredgers (CSD). It provides presentation of the swing width/cutter depth (SDI) and optional mixture production (PRC). An optional automatic pump control (APC) module can also be activated.
  • Completes the IHC Beaver® with additional insight for the operator
  • Proven off-the-shelf presentation for dredgers
  • Robust and proven sensor

Applications and main features

  • Basic module SDI, also includes PLC and sensors.
  • Flexible – all modules (inclusive of the required sensors) can be installed.
  • Operated through convenient touchscreen.
  • Four programmable warning points alongside the swing width.
  • Spud change reminder.
  • Automatic or manual vessel draught and tidal input.

Extended standard features

On more complex Beaver configurations, IBIS may communicate with IHC DPM and function as an input device. The same feature is available for IHC DTPS®. IBIS and DTPS work together as a powerful tool to show the dredger’s actual position in a 3D digital terrain model that is continuously updated according to the actual dredge track.

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