Large stationary cutter suction dredgers of standardised design

Proven concepts for the best dredging performance

These large mono-hull CSDs are based on the latest proven IHC technology. Over 40 dredgers have been supplied worldwide in the last ten years.
  • Lowest costs per m3
  • High uptime
  • Short delivery time
  • Capable of dredging various soils
  • Large dredging depths

Main Features

The design of our large stationary CSDs is improved continuously using in-house knowledge, and feedback from a large number of customers. Our dredgers contain the following features:

  • multiple pumps for large discharge distances, without the need for additional booster stations
  • rigid mono-hull construction for offshore operations
  • cutter and dredging wheel applications
  • high efficiency in a wide range of soils.

Judging from our customers’ feedback, these CSDs are the best, most profitable products of their kind on the market.

Available range of standardised stationary CSDs

IHC CSD IHC 7025 IHC 7525 IHC 8527 IHC 9029
Cutter power (kW) 750 750 1,100 1,500
Dredging depth (m) 25 25 27 29
Pipe diameter (mm) 700 750 850 900
Pump power (kW) 1,825 (single walled submerged), 2x 1,825 (on-board double walled) 1,640 (single walled), 1,640 (on-board double walled) 2,200 (single walled), 2x 3,700 (on-board double walled) 1,500 (single walled), 2x 3,700 (on-board double walled)

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