Monitoring system (CSD

Dredge Profile Monitor (IHC DPM®) and Anchor Position Estimator (APE) functionality

The system presents important operational cutter suction dredger parameters, such as suction depth and position of the cutterhead/suction inlet in the dredge profile. It also provides optional presentation of estimated anchor positions to assist with decision-making.
  • Enables accurate dredging according to authority requirements
  • Highly accurate, reliable and fuel efficient
  • User-friendly touchscreen control
  • Signal provision for automatic and semi-automatic profile dredging

Applications and main features

  • Real-time, accurate ‘dressed wire model’ of dredger in multiple point-programmable, local grid-oriented dredge profile that is updated online.
  • Provides insight in under/over dredging.
  • Local grid can be enhanced to geographical DTM if survey data is uploaded.
  • Chart-datum referred dredging depth, spud carrier and draught presentation included.
  • Manual or optional automatic tidal reference input.
  • Outputs for automatic profile dredging (to be realised by optional PLC module).
  • IHC knowledge-based software platform Digisys.
  • Sensor I/O handling by proven PLC-SCADA-Ethernet technology.
  • Can be delivered from standalone up to fully integrated (DCS-part) versions.
  • Highly accurate with a large installed base.
  • Suitable for remote software maintenance and upgrades.

Operational efficiency-enhancing presentation options based on DPM®

Based on winch wire paid-out length measurements and model-based processing, the Anchor Position Estimator (APE) supports the operator by presenting the positions of the swing winch anchors. Features include the following:

  • anchor positions related to dredger and bottom profile
  • advice on anchoring area in view of effective holding force for optimal production
  • alarm on improper anchor dragging.

The DPM can also be applied as an input device in combination with the Automatic Cutter Controller (IHC ACC®) for fully automatic CSD control.


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