Production measurement (CSD)

Reliable calculations of operational parameters

The Royal IHC production measurement (PRM) system calculates dredge pump production through electromagnetic mixture velocity, and radioactive (RA) mixture density measurements. Based on over 40 years of experience, this has proven to be the best method of calculating this major operational parameter. Recently IHC added another reliable version for inland waters, the radio frequency (RF) density meter.
  • Enables verification of production figures
  • Provides insight into pump behaviour and pipeline loads
  • Short building length in dredge pipeline, and can also be integrated
  • Several types of wear-resistent liners available
  • Reliable input for several vital automation systems
  • Used for discharging clay, silt, sand, gravel and rock
  • Pipe diameters of 300-1,300mm, with a pressure class of up to PN35
  • Clamp-on, stand-alone or integrated measurement transmitters
  • Fixed and replaceable liners of hardened steel, irathane and/or corundum tiles available
  • Based on reliable physical principles for dredge mixture production measurement
  • Strong radioactive safety approach as verified by authorities worldwide
  • Universal signal processing unit (MMU) with several interface possibilities
  • Provides production outputs in tonnes of dry solids and cubic metres in situ
  • Resettable cumulative production counter outputs for tonnes and cubic metres
  • Trusted cross-needle yield indicator available.

Radioactive (RA) and radio frequency (RF) density measurement
Installing a density meter on a dredger can improve production levels by up to 30%. For decades, Royal IHC’s radioactive (RA) density meter has been the instrument of choice due to its reliability and robustness. However, as part of IHC’s commitment to continuously improving its dredging equipment, it has patented an innovative alternative – the radio frequency (RF) density transmitter.

  • IHC offers customers assistance with the technical, legislative, and logistical restraints that accompany the possession and application of radioactive sources, including document provision
  • application filing
  • quick response to any question via
  • provision of information on EU legislation
  • end-of-life prewarning
  • overhaul of transmitters to any required extent.

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