Dredging Equipment

Royal IHC is well known for the design and manufacture of efficient and integrated equipment for the dredging market.

With more than 150 years’ experience of building dredge equipment and continuous industry research, IHC offers optimal solutions to the challenges of modern dredging techniques. 

IHC’s dredge equipment is used to build, modify and upgrade hydraulic dredgers. It provides a range of benefits for our global customers, including higher productivity, reduced operating costs, optimum efficiency and minimal downtime. As a result, it has also contributed to the profitability of various international dredging projects.  

Dredging equipment

Hopper equipment

1_IHC_Beagle_8_unburdens_IHC_Assistance_Life_Cycle_supportThe productivity of trailing suction hopper dredgers is influenced greatly by the effectiveness of the hopper equipment. It contains excavation, loading and discharge systems for TSHDs. The draghead, suction pipe, swell compensators, service frames, gantries, degassing systems and overflows are the primary equipment that ensures the efficient excavation and loading on board a TSHD.  

The suction pipe and draghead can be positioned correctly to effectively perform the intended dredging operation and transport soil to the hopper. Furthermore, IHC offers several types of discharge systems for quick and efficient soil discharge. Products include bow couplings and bottom doors. 

Cutter excavation equipment

IHC’s cutter technology is driven by our fundamental knowledge of excavation, slurry creation and wear resistance. The first point of physical contact between the soil and the ship is the dredging wheel or cutter head, which are key components for high-density slurry creation. The productivity of a cutter suction dredgers is influenced greatly by the effectiveness of these components. 

    An important part of the dredging process is the transportation of soil through the pipeline, the regulation of the mixture by valves, and the discharge to – and in – the floating discharge lines. The choice of the correct component for the specific location and type of soil minimises wear and energy loss.

    Our dredge line components


    The cost-effectiveness of dredging today depends greatly on the performance of the pumps. IHC has a long track record in delivering modern dredge pumps tailored to individual needs (single- or double-walled, submerged or onboard) and jet pumps. They are developed, designed and produced in-house with high-efficiency in mind.
    Targeting the efficient transport of abrasive mixtures, dredge pumps are a critical component in almost all types of dredging systems.
    They are optimally designed to reduce the effects of wear and increase the ease of maintenance. These are the main parameters we use to define the productivity of our dredge pumps.

    Our dredge pumps


    Adding extra pumping power can significantly help to improve production levels when pumping over longer distances. This can be achieved by using a booster station: a separate additional pump placed along the discharge line. IHC’s booster stations can be used with smaller standard dredgers, as well as larger custom-built vessels.

    Our booster stations


    Dredging customers can select and order IHC equipment via an easy-to-use online tool – the Solution Advisor. It automatically finds the correct range of IHC products and services that our customers require for their vessel. By providing a set of basic parameters, customers receive advice on the exact specifications of the solution they need. The Solution Advisor is currently featuring two types of product groups: dredge pumps and gate valves.

    Our dredging equipment selector

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