Custom-built trailing suction hopper dredgers 

TSHDs available in all sizes, specifically designed to fit your particular dredging requirements

In close cooperation with our customers, we have developed over 250 highly efficient custom-built TSHDs, as well as additional tailor-made solutions that provide support for the lifespan of your vessel.
  • Designed for your specific needs
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Lowest cost per m3
  • Maximum uptime
  • Support for the lifespan of your TSHD

Main features and benefits

We develop custom-built TSHDs for all dredging requirements. This includes port and river maintenance, land reclamation, aggregate dredging, beach nourishment and construction work. Available features include:

  • optimised hull forms for shallow waters
  • one-man operated bridge
  • different dragheads for all soil types
  • highly efficient, wear-resistant IHC dredge pump
  • LNG operations.

All features, components and systems are efficiently integrated for an optimal operation.

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