The first mechanical point of contact with bottom material

Draghead design is closely related to all the other key components of the dredging process. The production of excavated soil is governed by many factors
  • High production
  • Easy maintenance
  • Robust
  • Adaptable

For every soil type

IHC has invested many years of practical experience and testing to create optimal draghead solutions, which are capable of extracting the maximum amount of soil from the bottom within the shortest possible time and at minimal cost. 

A draghead for every situation

  • As every situation is different IHC has developed several types of dragheads. All specifically suited for different usage.
  • Excavation, an all-round draghead. The performer in every common situation.
  • Erosion, a robust draghead suited for coarse sand and gravel.
  • Wild Dragon, an advanced draghead which shines in densily packed sands.
  • Mighty Dragon, a highly advanced draghead specifically suited for clay.

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