Monitoring system (TSHD)

Suction Tube Position Monitor (IHC STPM®) and Draught and Loading Monitor (IHC DLM®)

The system presents important operational trailing suction hopper dredger parameters, such as suction depth, as well as draught and loading/unloading progress and state. Automation for subsystems to optimise the efficiency of these parameters is available as an option.
  • Enables accurate dredging according to authority requirement
  • Highly accurate reliable and fuel efficient
  • User friendly touchscreen control
  • Retractable draught sensors with certified sea inlet assembly
  • Pluggable submersible sensor and cable configuration for the suction pipe

Applications and main features

  • For trailing, dumping, discharging and rainbowing operations.
  • Prevents under/over dredging and untimely maintain/stop of loading decisions
  • Real-time, accurate suction pipe position, dredging depth, vessel draught and loading presentation in a local grid that is updated online.
  • Local grid can be enhanced to geographical DTM if survey data is uploaded.
  • Swell compensator and overflow duct position and tank volume indication included.
  • IHC knowledge-based software platform Digisys.
  • Sensor I/O handling by proven PLC-SCADA-Ethernet technology.
  • Can be delivered from standalone up to fully integrated (DCS-part) versions.
  • Highly accurate with a large installed base.
  • Suitable for remote software maintenance and upgrades.

Operational efficiency-enhancing presentation and automation options based on STPM and DLM

  • Automatic Draghead Winch Controller (ADWC) – maintains suction depth and pipe angles, and protection against inproper suction pipe angles and positions.
  • Automatic Pipe Sequencer System (APSS) – fully controls suction pipe position in five defined stages.
  • Tonnes of Dry Solids System (TDSS) – calculates loaded or unloaded dry solids material.
  • Automatic Light Mixture Overboard (ALMO) – prevents loading with useless mixtures.
  • Automatic Draught Controller (ADC) – maintains constant draught for enhanced safety.
  • Overflow Loss Estimator (OLE) – enhances operator’s capability to decide on end-of-loading.

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