Trailing suction pipe system

Key link from seabed to hopper

Their long track record proves that IHC's trailing suction pipe systems are able to excavate and transport a wide variety of soils in many different operating conditions from the seabed to the hopper in the most efficient way possible. 
  • Efficient operation thanks to smart integration 
  • Lowest cost per cubicmetre 
  • Robust and reliable design
  • High levels of uptime
  • Dedicated solutions for different soils

Optimal production, deep dredging capability, fast hopper loading times, low levels of wear and minimal maintenance requirements are the result of an efficient system that consists of:

  • draghead – IHC-type, California-type, Wild Dragon® and GeoDrag® models available
  • trailing suction pipe
  • gantries, winches and swell compensator to ensure full control of the draghead on the seafloor
  • sliding piece and hull inlet
  • optional: submerged dredge pump unit consisting of a single-walled submerged dredge pump, an electromotor, a pressure compensation system and support frame.

Additional trailing suction hopper dredger equipment

  • Dredge pumps and degassing installations
  • Dredge line components – gate valves and wear-resistant pipes
  • Discharge systems – bottom doors, bow couplings, self-emptying systems
  • Jet water systems – jet pumps, nozzles and piping
  • Overflows
  • Screening systems
  • Floating pipelines

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