Monitoring and Automation System (XPM)

Efficient and accuracy-improving monitoring and automation of the dredging process

The IHC eXcavator Position Monitor (XPM®) provides underwater vision for excavator dredger operators and accurately presents the excavating or dumping tool in relation to a digital terrain model (DTM). Operator-adjustable lines and alarms assist in preventing under- and overdredging close to set tolerances. The tool position is calculated from dedicated sensors and positioning data.
  • Improved dredging accuracy, allowing dredging close to set tolerances
  • Improves operational efficiency, and saves fuel costs and emissions
  • Dedicated controllers prolong lifetime of pontoon and machine
  • Routine jobs performed by operator-supervised automation
  • Large installed base

Main features

  • Suitable for backhoe and clamshell dredgers.
  • Ideal for dredging, piling and stone placement operations.
  • Configurable to different booms, sticks, grabs, orange peels and clamshells etc.
  • Automatic protection prevents hardware damage and prolongs lifetime of mechanical equipment.
  • Automatic tool-profile angle and profile-dredging closely to tolerances.
  • Flexible and ultra-reliable submersible sensors.
  • Standalone system with dedicated robust and fast IPC hardware.
  • Configurable interface to positioning systems, tidal receivers, gyro compasses and survey systems etc.

Optional Automatic eXcavator Controller (AXC)

The IHC AXC automatically maintains routine dredging and effortlessly shortens cycle times, considerably improving the dredger’s efficiency. In addition, it offers peace of mind to the operator.

It utilises XPM® calculations to safely control the dredger for routine jobs, and ‘learns’ these tasks from the operator before performing them under interactive operator supervision. The IHC AXC is ‘aware’ of pontoon and barge dimensions and prevents the machine from damaging any obstacle by keeping clearance zones, both below and above the water surface.

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