Decommissioning equipment

Specialised equipment for the removal of structures, jackets, subsea templates and pipelines

Reliability is key in the field of decommissioning. Our removal tools have been extensively tested in the oil and gas, and offshore wind markets. Since 2004, we have developed an impressive track record with our standard tools, but have also successfully designed and built tailor-made decommissioning solutions for specific projects.


Decommissioning tools for every removal project

We can supply standard removal tools – and specialised equipment – that will meet any customer requirements, always designed for safe and reliable operations in the demanding conditions of deep and ultra-deep waters.

In addition, we supply decommissioning tools for offshore structures, jackets, tripods and subsea infrastructure, among others. These tools include templates, manifolds and pipelines.


Removing the risks of decommissioning

Existing oil and gas installations were not originally developed to be decommissioned. As a result, removal projects are surrounded by much uncertainty regarding structure integrity. To reduce any risks as much as possible, a great deal of engineering and calculation must be carried out in advance.

We have extensive in-house expertise for the engineering and manufacture of innovative equipment designed for decommissioning activities. Furthermore, we have already developed an impressive track record in this relatively young market, beginning with the removal of the flare tower at Shell's world-famous Brent Spar in 2005.