Handling and lifting tools

Safe, reliable, and cost-efficient equipment for the handling and lifting of piles and structures

We design, build and supply on- and offshore handling tools used for installing foundations and structures. Our aim is to help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure safety in order to achieve optimum results on your projects. 


Lifting and handling in the oil and gas, offshore wind, and coastal and civil markets

We supply handling and lifting equipment for the following activities in the oil and gas, offshore wind, coastal and civil markets:

  • structure installation: fail-safe tools for fixed structure installation
  • FPS mooring: reliable piling spreads for offshore mooring
  • deep and ultra-deep water: specialised equipment capable of withstanding deep water conditions
  • conductor installation: thousands of conductors successfully installed since the 1970s
  • subsea field development: extensive range of subsea installation equipment
  • monopile (XL) installation: largest hammers on the market
  • jackets and tripods: proven technology from the oil and gas market
  • mooring floating wind turbines: cost-effective piling spreads and handling tools
  • deck equipment: easy handling of structures and piles on deck.


Full service partner, cutting edge equipment, always available close to your project

We aim to be a full service partner for offshore handling and lifting equipment and related services. Working with one partner means less interfaces, one contract, one partner, one crew – and ultimately less risks and lower costs.

In close cooperation with our customers, we constantly focus on innovation. Continuous investments in research and development have led to revolutionary products that make offshore handling and lifting more efficient, cost-effective and safer.

All of our equipment is available for rent, enabling you to manage your inventory in an efficient and flexible way. And because we have facilities all across the globe, the right equipment, support and service is always available close to your project.