Deep water internal lifting tool

Are used for lifting and positioning mooring piles, conductors and subsea structures in ultra-deep waters


• Standard pile range 16” - 96”

• Lifting capacities of 200t - 1200t

• Maximum operating depth of 2500m

• Certified and designed according Lloyds Lifting Appliances

• Available for rent and purchase



• ILT control panel is ROV operated

• Built-in accumulator pack


Fail safe principle

The ILT is equipped with IHC’s innovative fail safe principle:

• Mechanical load applied on the tool in longitudinal direction results in a transversal force on the pile which creates the ‘locking / fail safe’ connection.



• Wide use, great track record in:

    - Pile handling

    - Module lifting

    - Buoyancy lifting

    - Template installation

• Extremely reliable

• Shortens upending/operation time compared to shackles