Jacket Pile Gripper

Pile grippers are used to create a temporary connection between the pile and jacket


• Capacities are limitless

• Pile diameters are limitless

• Hydraulically operated

• 3rd party certification is optional

• Available for purchase



• Securing jacket during bad weather conditions and abandonment

• Retaining elevated position after leveling

• Provides high jacket stability during grouting process

• Operated from surface with subsea redundancy control

• Optional completely subsea controlled

• Optional multiple hydraulic circuits



• Inside-out Jacket Pile Gripper;

    - Jacket pile gripper which is part of the pile grips internally in skirt sleeve or bucket arrangement



• Extensive track record

• Optional combination with rubber diaphragms

• Several redundancy options possible

• Back-up operation via ROV is standard

• Resistant for shock loads during pile driving