MaXine PHC

Passive Heave Compensator to secure the lifting operation by reducing peak loads


MaXine® PHC 50

• SWL 50 Ton

• Stroke 3000 mm

• Weight 2,5 Ton

• Yoke to reduce lifting height

• No external power required

• Approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping


Available Range

• SWL range up to 500 ton

• Tandem assembly doubles capacity

• Start/stop functionality as an option

• Quick lift option

• MaXine® PHC outside the range can be developed quickly

• Available stroke range up to 4500mm



• Available for rent worldwide

• For use both above water and underwater

• Reduces costs by enabling you to work longer at high sea states

• No special lifting frames required



• No loose of lift height with yokes

• With some modification useable at serious / any water depths

• Can be used as Single, Series, Parallel, Series Parallel

• MaXine’s lift capacity can be boosted

• No external energy is needed for heave compensation

• No wear in wire and crane system, as a result of the high forces

• Gives protection against shock loads

• Increase of operational weather window