Subsea piling frames

Reliable subsea piling frames specifically designed for accurate pile installation

We supply specific and bespoke subsea piling frames for offshore pile installation projects. This includes pile guide frames , slotted frames and fast frames as well as pre-piling installation templates and subsea installation measurement equipment.


Quick, accurate and effective subsea pile installation

Our pile guide frames are used to support, level and orientate free-standing impact-driven piles on the seabed for a variety of offshore projects, including FPSO and FSO moorings, single point moorings, riserbase piles and pipeline initiation piles, offshore loading systems, and conductors.

Through continuous investment in research and development, years of experience in offshore projects and close cooperation with customers, our equipment and solutions substantially reduce offshore installation times, provide stability for piles during installation, and enable extremely accurate heading and verticality of piles.


Extensive engineering services

We have extensive experience in the installation of subsea moorings and foundation piles in both the oil and gas, and renewable markets.

Our engineering capability allows us to offer valuable insight to our customers. This enables them to draw on our knowledge and expertise across various subjects, such as project case study services, FEED design studies, consultation and contracting, project management, procedural reviews for offshore operations, and design studies for challenging subsea offshore projects.