Fast Frame

Used to support, level and orientate free standing impact driven piles


• FPSO, FSO and FLNG anchor arrays

• Single Point Moorings for Offshore Loading Systems

• Riser and mid-water arch anchors

• Pipeline initiations and Conductor pre-installation

• Accurate pre-driven installations for wind farm jackets, test piles and anemometer masts


• Capacity 20” – 96” Diameter

• Modular & Containerised construction (up to 60” diameter)

• Digital inclinometer for pile sleeve accurate to 0.1 degrees slope

• Fully Automated Pile Release

• Automatic pile orientation

• Levelling up to 5° ± 0.5° accuracy

• Digital inclination telemetry

• Folding mudmat extensions

• Multiple pile diameters per mobilisation

• DNV Certified

• ROV/Diver contingency intervention

• Opening sleeves for pile ancillaries and seamless operation to seabed

Available Range

• Levelling capability for pile diameter ranges from 30” to 96” pile diameter

• Non levelling capability from 20” to 96” pile diameter

• Semi-automated option for all frames, negating the requirement for pile plates. Requires ROV intervention

• Custom pile sizes and bespoke adaptations available upon request

• Multiple sized spacer sets for continuous installation

• Mudmats size ranges: from 12m x 12m to 18m x 18m (Fixed) and from 5m x 6m to 12m x 12m (folding)



• Pile orientation system allows up to 170° alignment window and maintains orientation until adequate soil holding is achieved

• Sleeves are triggered open by the pile without the need for ROV intervention

• Proven levelling system caters for up to 5° inclined seabed

• Allows for protruding pile ancillaries to travel through the frame

• Frame can be used without followers

• Pre-calibrated spacer sets can be changed offshore without the need for survey, allowing multiple pile diameters to be driven in a single campaign



• Proven levelling system

• Extensive track record

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