Metallurgical Services

We supply a comprehensive range of metallurgical services from the characterisation of ore samples to the processing of bulk samples.

Our laboratory is fitted with industry-leading separation equipment from a range of manufacturers. Thanks to our independent approach to metallurgical test work, we can deliver optimal process solutions.

Unique Selling points

  • Industry-leading laboratory capabilities
  • Independent approach
  • At the forefront of processing technology developments
  • Consulting experience
  • Innovative equipment

Processing and Evaluation

We operate a fully equipped physical characterisation laboratory for the characterisation of mineral ores derived from drill programmes.

Using bench-scale separation equipment for small samples, we can perform metallurgical evaluation test work to develop conceptual process flow diagrams, assess alternative technologies and produce product samples for quality evaluation.

Our bulk processing laboratory processes large bulk samples (from 1 to 100 tonnes).


As a prominent player in mineral sands consultancy, IHC Robbins assists exploration, mining and engineering companies with the development of process options for new projects, as well as the management and optimisation of existing processes.

We pride ourselves on delivering customer-specific solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, safe and environmentally responsible.

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