Dry mining slurrification units

IHC Robbins has developed a skid mounted DMSU to serve as an uplift and slurrification tool for a range of mineral deposits.

The DMSU has a production range of up to 1400 tph. Offering a high volume, superior reliability, all terrain, slurrification solution, the DMSU can be readily customized to suit a client’s mineral body and throughput expectations.

  • Ramp free design
  • Suitable for high throughput applications
  • Ease of plant relocation
  • Slat feeder can be fed from both sides

Skid concept

The skid concept provides a low ground pressure footing, less than 20 kPa, for use on unstable pavements. The modules are relocatable as needed via dozer or equivalent, with replaceable buffer blocks used to shunt the skids into position. 

The pump skid is offered with client specification pump sets, selected to suit the capacity and density as required.


IHC Robbins’ DMSU is intended for use to uplift, screen and slurry mineral sands or alluvial sands deposits. Alternatively the unit can be used to uplift, disintegrate and slurry dry tailings materials, in the reclamation of tailings deposits.

Advanced equipment

Slurry bin
The slurrification bin has a capacity of 25 m3. Utilising an internal jet pump nozzle, in combination with motive water (dilution), the module slurries the solids feed to the desired density and direct this stream into a booster pump assembly.

Slat feeder
The slat feeder can be fed from both sides, making the unit suitable for high throughput applications. Achieving both buffer volume and conveyor reach in one single module, the DMSU’s slat feeder reduces the number and mass of conveyor modules ordinarily required to feed such a slurrification module.


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