HAL reactors

IHC Robbins’ quality electric or hydraulic-drive HAL reactors offer longevity and lower operating costs.

IHC Robbins has supplied commercial-scale hot acid leaching (HAL) reactors with retention times of more than two hours.


  • Variable retention times
  • Premium acid lining system
  • Robust barrel construction

IHC Robbins reactors are a quality installation and come supplied with guaranteed refractory lining systems, forged tyres/trunnion sets and a custom fibreglass discharge assembly.

Our tyre and trunnion assemblies are machined to ensure excellent concentricity and subsequent longevity of the running gear. This equates to lower operating costs.

Our reactors can be supplied with either electric or hydraulic drives. We also supply sulphuric acid and caustic dosing systems matched to the HAL unit, as well as installation and civil plinth designs.

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