High recovery jigs

Separating particles down to 50 micron

Royal IHC high recovery jigs are used in wet gravity concentrations, where minerals with different particle densities are separated. It’s unique saw-tooth stroke pattern and design which provides a high-unit capacity and optimal recovery.

  • High-unit capacity
  • Low energy use
  • Optimal recovery
  • Robust design
  • Effective pre-concentration

IHC high recovery jigs

IHC offers a versatile range of high-recovery jig installations, from single modules to integrated three-stage gravity concentration plants, tailored to individual requirements.

Our jigs are well known for having a large capacity and small footprint. Their modular design, trapezoidal-shaped bed and saw-tooth drive result in an optimal recovery and high upgrade of the valuable heavy mineral, even for the finest particles (down to 50 µm).

The IHC jig has successfully been used for a range of minerals, including tin, gold, platinum, tungsten, and diamonds.

Drive systems

The heart of the IHC Jig is the asymmetrical drive system, which delivers the gravitational movement that separates heavy and light particles in the jig bed. The saw-tooth stroke pattern was developed and introduced to the market by IHC and enables a high-unit capacity and optimal recovery. The system can be both mechanical and mechanical-hydraulic.

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