LST Laboratory

Our own metallurgical laboratory developed a user-friendly reclamation system, successfully optimising LST recovery to >99% per use.

IHC Robbins’s LST Laboratory is modular in design and containerised, making it easily relocatable and transportable. All required parts are provided, including a stock of LST Heavy Liquid, with replacement items available off-the-shelf as required. The facility only requires a supply of power, fresh water and compressed air (optional) to operate.


This unit is capable of processing up to 100 samples per day in a safe and efficient environment, or can be expanded to suit client needs.

  • Fully containerised
  • Non-toxic
  • >99% LST recovery

Heavy Liquid Separations (HLS)

Also known as float-sink tests, HLS is a standardised analytical procedure that allows for controlled separation of materials by their density.

HLS is a useful tool for mineral exploration as well as for metallurgical evaluations. Ultimately, it is a fast, inexpensive and repeatable method to determine the Heavy Mineral (HM) content of a sample.

Traditional heavy liquids, such as bromoform and TBE, are highly toxic, volatile substances and in some cases are considered to be carcinogenic. LST Heavy Liquid is a non-toxic and stable alternative.

Feed preparation laboratory

An optional counterpart to the LST Heavy Liquid Laboratory is IHC Robbins’ modular feed preparation laboratory. This package allows samples to be prepared for HLS while concurrently determining slimes particle (<45μm or <38μm) and oversize particles (>1.0mm or >2.0mm).

The feed preparation laboratory is highly recommended for mineral exploration operations.


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