Material handling

Slurry handling solutions for dry mining projects

Based on Royal IHC’s dredge mining expertise using high-volume slurry handling systems, we have developed solutions for use on dry mining projects. IHC uses its extensive in-house knowledge, and that of IHC Robbins in Australia, to differentiate between slurry systems – using hydraulic transportation – and dry bulk handling, which combines dry handling and slurry transportation. 
  • Based on years of experience from Royal IHC and IHC Robbins
  • Low cost and high efficiency
  • Customised solutions with standard components

Slurry systems

Solids are mixed with water in slurry systems and transported using centrifugal pumps. This method of transportation provides low-cost and high-volume solutions.

In addition to slurry pumps, IHC also uses other slurry system components, such as gate valves, pipes and hoses and automation and control. Surge bins are also available in different sizes.

Dry bulk handling

Dry bulk handling solutions have been developed by IHC Robbins, in which dry and slurry transportation are combined.

The design for process bins is based on wet surge bins. Dry mining systems like in pit feeders or dozer traps consist of a feeding bin, conveyor and feed preparation and discharge into a slurrification hopper. From here, the slurry can be transported onwards using centrifugal pumps.  



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