Quenching tunnels

IHC Robbins' prilling units help increase yield and also reduce labout, prilling and sizing costs.

IHC Robbins supplies a range of prilling units suitable for a variety of fusion-based applications including (but not limited to) electrofused ceramic, steel slag and foundry industries.


  • increases safety
  • cutting labour costs
  • prills and sizes of material in a single pass

The units can significantly increase the level of operator safety during processing while cutting direct labour costs, prilling and sizing in a single pass. They also increase the yield of product, minimising the oversize that would normally require crushing and additional handling.

Our machines are robust, innovative, efficient and guaranteed to provide many years of reliable service. The units are custom-built to suit specific requirements and operating conditions.

The units can also be supplied with either standalone heat exchangers, hydraulic drive arrangements or we can integrate existing services into the design to further reduce costs.

IHC Robbins can also offer the complete turnkey engineering solution, including plant reconfiguration design, supply and on-site installation of the unit.

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