Surge bins

IHC Robbins manufactures a range of mass flow surge bins incorporated in our own packaged plants or custom-built to suit existing plants.

IHC Robbins recognised the design limitations and failings in surge bin designs over 20 years ago and embarked on a development programme to rectify the situation. With the assistance of Wollongong University in New South Wales, IHC Robbins modelled a variety of different design shapes, until the optimum shape was discovered.

  • Unique design for mass flow
  • Bin profiles prevent stable arches from forming
  • Strategically placed off-take nozzles

Surge bins are available in 7m, 9m, 12m and 15m diameter standard sizes but are not limited to these. All surge bins are steep-sided and supported on the bin base (not hung), as well as supported by pairs of braced columns. These are equally spaced around the top perimeter of the bin. These can support equipment loads located above the bin and also resist any dynamic loading the bin may be subjected to.

The 7m and 9m surge bins are round to rectangular, while the 12m to 15m bins are round to polygon shape to aid transportation.


The unique bin profiles prevent stable arches from forming within the bin. Consequently, hang-ups and surging within are absent and hence they aid mass flow. The overflow launder is located on board and partially supported by bridging beams located at the bin top. These can also be used to support a boil box, which can be supplied as an optional extra.

Bin suction and injection water manifolds are horizontal spear designs and rubber- or urethane-lined inside and out. Dump hatches are provided or, alternatively, pump-out systems can be custom-designed. Off-take nozzles are strategically positioned around each bin for DP instrumentation.


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