IHC Robbins trommels are designed with safety and operational performance in mind, incorporating ease of maintenance features to substantially reduce down time.

Trommel units are proven fixtures for physical size separation in both the mineral and waste management industries. IHC Robbins’ design features significantly enhance the unit’s safety and operational performance,  incorporating ease of maintenance features to substantially reduce down time.

  • Manufactured from Wear Plate
  • Enhanced safety
  • Ease of maintenance

Performance and durability

IHC Robbins’ tyre and trunnion assemblies are machined to ensure excellent concentricity and subsequent longevity of the running gear. An automated grease supply helps to extend the bearing life, reduces maintenance and operator servicing of the unit.

The helical flighting is crafted from bisalloy, which is a tempered, quenched, and abrasion-resistant steel that offers an optimum combination of hardness and durability in operation. Furthermore, bisalloy’s higher level of wear-resistance equates to longer product life and lower operating costs for our clients. This equates to lower operating costs for our clients.

Safety and costs effectiveness

IHC Robbins’ trommel design allows all screen and flight replacements to be fitted from the outside of the barrel. This removes the requirement for personnel to climb inside the barrel or down chutes to correct or replace screens.


The risk of working in confined spaces is avoided, improving the level of safety in trommel maintenance. Ease of access and quicker turnaround for maintenance provide valuable operational and productivity improvements.


We offer a range of off-the-shelf units and also custom-built machines to suit customer-specific requirements. Our standard sizes range from 2.5mm to 36.0mm.

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