Electrical system integration, and platform and process automation

Complete electrical system integration, and platform and process automation for any vessel and/or maritime equipment

The power of an electrical or automation system is not what it looks like, but how it works. We design efficient electrical, and platform and process automation systems for dedicated mission equipment, complete vessels or refurbishments.

  • Increased uptime
  • Weight reduction
  • Crew efficiency
  • Power savings
  • Design from a ‘building process’ perspective

Distinctiveness of IHC electrical systems and process automation

Our package includes complete electrical installations, electrical rotating machinery and variable speed drives, DP systems, positioning, navigation and communication systems (NAVCOM), platform automation, mission equipment automation and simulation. Many of our products also utilise artificial intelligence. We aim to be your partner in the integration of these products and can provide cable engineering, based on our shipbuilding knowledge. Life-cycle support and R&D simultaneously keep the package balanced between proven technology and innovation.

Electrical, platform and process automation product range

  • Power generation
  • Main power distribution
  • Frequency converters
  • Electric motors
  • Secondary power distribution

D&A Integrated Vessel Automation (DIVA) modules easily and flexibly integrate some – or all – of the following components:

  • Customer specific automation and supervision systems
  • Alarm and Monitoring System (AMS)
  • Power Management System (PMS) with integrated artificial intelligence control
  • Propulsion Control System (PCS)
  • Vessel Management System (VMS) Condition Based Monitoring System (CBMS) for the support of maintenance and logistic decisions
  • Mission equipment instrumentation, control and automation
  • Survey and advanced 3D DTM and operational area presentation
  • Dynamic Positioning/Tracking (DP/DT) including sensors Navigation and communication (NAVCOM)

Real-life simulation of any of the above systems or complete vessels for operational training.

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