Mission equipment control

Automation systems for efficient operations

Royal IHC designs and produces mission equipment hardware, hydraulic/electric instrumentation and automation control. It does so in close cooperation with its partners and customers. 

This process results in fully integrated and optimised mission equipment that incorporates various factors, such as cost, weight, footprint, flexibility, reliability, sustainability, accuracy and efficiency
  • Suitable for purpose-built vessels or vessels of opportunity
  • Reduced footprint, and free deck area 
  • Low risk of failure and enhanced operational windows 
  • Equipment hardware and control system optimally tuned 
  • Remotely accessible for maintenance and upgrades


  • Module-handling equipment, such as integrated control of AHC compensated main hoists, guideline hoists, cursors, moon pools and pod-line systems, SIL and skidding system controls.
  • Pipelay equipment, including integrated control hoisting, guidance, and A&R and storage winches. As well as, AHC cranes and tensioners, carousels, benders, spoolers, aligners, hang-off clamps, moon pools and (PLET) skidding systems.
  • For use on all mission equipment that combines mechanical functions with either of the required components.

Main features

  • Integrated hydraulic and nitrogen systems for AHC, integrated cylinder control.
  • Integrated and redundant control system with cyberchairs for operators.
  • IHC DIVA software platform for monitoring, control and automation.
  • I/O handling by proven, distributed PLC SCADA Ethernet/glass fibre technology with reduced cabling.
  • Robust instrumentation that is suitable for marine activities.
  • Highly autonomous.
  • Active interface with DP system, power management (PMS) and alarm monitoring (AMS).
  • Integrated mission equipment and vessel CCTV system.
  • Training simulators available.
  • Fully classified.

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