Monitoring solutions (IHC Connect)

Reliable and secure data exchange between vessel and office

IHC Connect is the answer to the maritime industry’s call for additional process information, faster maintenance or repair response times and an increase of equipment availability.

It is a remote information acquisition and communication platform. IHC Connect provides secure access to all on-board automation systems, and is able to monitor virtually any process. This information is accessible by means of an easy to use web portal.

  • Low hardware, infrastructure and commissioning costs
  • Communication protection technology from leading security providers
  • Reduced fuel consumption and emmissions
  • Real-time access to live fleet data on any device
  • Detailed status information on vessels in the fleet

Main features

  • Generic system, with standardised and modular building blocks.
  • Simple and flexible web portal that is adaptable, customisable and easy to install.
  • Connect Management Centre secures traffic, stores data, and processes requests and analysis.
  • Role-based dashboards and security alerts.
  • Alert notifications by SMS or email.
  • Historical reports, and records of alerts and alert responses.
  • Ship-to-shore connection by any available on board data link.
  • Utilisation of existing network structure.
  • Highlevel, centrally managed firewall.

Potential applications

  • Vessel tracking and fuel monitoring.
  • Fleet monitoring.
  • Remote advice for operators.
  • Analysis and optimisation of mission equipment.
  • Remote software maintenance and upgrading.
  • Remote data sampling, reporting and analysis.
  • Authorising of (temporary) access to selected OEM suppliers for fault analysis.

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