Next level of electrical power

New solutions to increase energy efficiency

In addition to naval, mechanical and dual-fuel solutions to increase the energy efficiency of vessels, IHC provides a mix of innovative electrotechnical technologies. These help to meet all power requirements, and reduce fuel and life-cycle costs. IHC’s solutions can be applied individually or combined, and include:

  • MV-variable frequency drives
  • DC-grid
  • hybrid equipment.
  • Energy efficient in all operational conditions
  • Reductions in CAPEX and weight    
  • Efficient utilisation and operation of vessels    
  • Universally applicable on every type of newly built vessel    
  • Total integration with platform and mission equipment control

Main features

MV-frequency drives:

  • reduced weight, volume, heat dissipation and short-circuit levels at higher power

  • safe and compact products

  • modular approach.


  • significant reduction of switchboards and switching equipment
  • easy-to-use variable frequency drives, with reduced number of components, weight and dimensions
  • opportunity to use diesel generators at BEP

  • proven energy savings.

Hybrid solutions:

  • increased electrification and freedom of vessel design

  • efficient electric drive systems

  • opportunity to utilise all on-board diesel engines at BEP

  • opportunity to utilise diesel engine arrangement close to current operational requirements.


Other features

  • High energy efficiency, both in tough and calm operational conditions.

  • Standard solutions that are applicable on any type of newly-built vessel.

  • Applicable to some upgrades of existing vessels.

  • Utilises a vessel’s water system for cooling of electrics.

  • Safe design.

  • Dustproof and waterproof compartments.

  • Easy to install and commission.

  • Seamless communication with platform and mission equipment control systems.


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