Training simulators

Accelerated learning for specialist offshore vessel and dredger operators

IHC training simulators are useful for specialist offshore vessel and dredger operators. The aim is to advance their process and operational safety awareness, competences, experience and efficiency without the need to utilise expensive on-board equipment. 
The simulator reduces costs, fuel, emissions, risk and training time, and allows newly recruited trainees to reach the same level as experienced operators, as well as enhancing overall efficiency and safety.
  • Accelerated learning curves
  • Enhanced efficiency and safety during real operations
  • Standard or bespoke modules available
  • Vessel, soil and mission equipment parameters incorporated

Main features

  • Simulates operational and safety aspects of operations and processes.
  • Simulates auxiliary equipment, such as the hydraulic system.
  • DTM, job area and soil properties can be uploaded from survey data, and processed and updated in real time.
  • Includes full control consoles and presentation, as well as features of the real vessel(s).
  • Consoles can adapt to different vessels without hardware changes.
  • Realistic front and rear exterior views, enhanced by vibration and sound simulation.
  • ‘Water’ can be drained for a realistic impression of the seafloor or bottom profile.

Models and extensions

  • Standard modular build with bespoke options, including consoles, mission equipment and vessel modules, and trainee desk, front and rear exterior view, sound and vibration simulation, multiple trainee classroom.
  • Navigation simulation can be enhanced by state-of-the-art hydrodynamic models, possibly coupled to a DP system.
  • Adaptable to multiple vessels.
  • Models are based on IHC’s years of experience with vessel and mission equipment.
  • Trainer can influence the process from a separate desk by changing important parameters, overruling settings or introducing sensor or equipment faults.

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