Hydraulic cylinders and piston accumulators

Making your movements possible

IHC Vremac Cylinders is a modern designer and manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, swivels and piston accumulators. Our products are designed to operate in harsh conditions, in the dredging, offshore, civil (bridges and lock gates) and heavy machinery markets.
  • Quick response time
  • 80% custom-built solutions
  • Hands-on mentality
  • Reliably engineered cylinders
  • Efficient production facilities

Wide range of dimensions and applications

We design and manufacture cylinders and piston accumulators up to 40t in weight and/or 15m in length. We offer products for:

Dredging and offshore: as a result of our extensive experience with hydraulics and water, we are able to deliver safe and reliable cylinders designed to operate in harsh conditions

Civil engineering: IHC has been involved in a wide range of projects for locks, gates and dams, from the Dutch waterways to the Panama Canal lock cylinders

Transport and loading: our products can be found on a variety of equipment transported on wheels, such as moving (trailer) floor applications, passenger handling vehicles and high-end agricultural machinery

Recycling and demolition: we have developed extensive knowledge of fatigue issues – vital when tools are used with very high dynamic peak loads and extreme decompression rates

Onshore: we supply cylinders for skidding systems, piling machines, bending equipment, presses, handling equipment, steel mill systems, etc.

Passive heave compensation systems: MaXine PHC

The MaXine Passive Heave Compensator (PHC) reduces peak forces and fluctuations during lifting and lowering operations where waves are generating oscillating movements. This enables our customers to work for longer at high sea states, minimise downtime and extend weather windows.

MaXine PHC ensures the rope is kept taut at all times, and reduces peaks and troughs by following the motion of the sea. This allows work to proceed safely, efficiently and in a controlled manner. The system is positioned between the hook of the crane and the load, and can also be used underwater. It operates as a stand-alone system, eliminating the need for an external power source


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