Motion compensation systems

Maximising operational windows and protecting your assets by eliminating the adverse effects of water induced motion

Motion compensation systems are widely used in marine environments to improve safety and increase efficiency. IHC has a long history of installing such equipment on hopper dredgers, and today our systems are used in cutter suction dredgers, well intervention towers and deep-sea lowering systems, among others.

  • Application knowledge
  • Engineering prowess
  • Full system integration
  • Simulation software
  • Training facilities

Motion compensation solutions for all maritime applications

IHC understands the challenges of demanding maritime operations, so this is where we start when we design a system for your project. Our motion compensation systems are used for:

  • drag head swell compensation
  • spud carrier compensation
  • ship-to-ship transfer
  • splash zone crossing
  • deep-sea lowering and resonance avoidance
  • subsea landing
  • lateral retention of drill strings
  • quick lift, avoiding re-impact
  • shock load absorption.

Motion compensation features

  • Active heave compensation (AHC)
  • Passive heave compensation (PHC)
  • Integrated system
  • Standalone
  • Inline cylinder
  • Winch drive compensation
  • Electric
  • Hydraulics (secondary or direct)
  • Loads from 1mT to over 400mT
  • Compliant with latest rules and regulations.

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