Optimally designed IHC winches based on extensive application knowledge

Functionality is key in our winch designs. IHC winches deliver maximum performance, because we understand the environment in which the winch must operate. Our long history in both the dredging and offshore industries means we know how to design a winch that is fit for purpose.

We can supply both standard and custom-built winch systems. 

  • No interface issues
  • Local content capabilities
  • Superior engineering
  • According spec, on time and in budget
  • Extensive application of knowledge

Winches fit for all maritime purposes

IHC can supply any winch to meet the requirements of its customers, designed for the demanding conditions in the maritime markets. We provide winch systems for:

  • mooring line installation
  • subsea umbilical risers and flow line installation (SURF)
  • abandonment and recovery (A&R)
  • stinger handling
  • deep water lowering
  • offshore module handling
  • drag head handling
  • trunnion handling
  • intermediate handling
  • ladder handling
  • side wire handling
  • spud hoisting
  • bow coupling
  • multi-point barge and vessel mooring

Standard IHC winch features

  • single drum
  • waterfall
  • traction and storage
  • suitable for steel wire rope or fibre rope
  • line pull ranges from 2.5mT to over 600mT
  • electric or hydraulic driven
  • available with or without spooling devices
  • compliant with latest rules and regulations (ABS, DNV, Lloyds, BV and CCS)
  • pre-tension wire rope spooling
  • constant tension
  • constant torque
  • active heave compensation
  • single- or multi-layer
  • electric or hydraulic power control systems

Rental winches are also available.


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