Abandonment and Recovery winches

Fit for purpose A&R winches for safe operations

IHC’s A&R winches are designed for the abandonment or recovery of pipes and cables on the seabed. These are available as single drum – or traction storage – winches, depending on customer preferences. We have a long track record of designing complete pipe- and cable-lay systems with integrated A&R systems.
  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Compact
  • Tested in-house

Safe A&R operations at any depth

A&R operations can be undertaken using either a conventional drum style or a traction type winch, depending on the required load and length of line to be deployed.

Greater water depths have led to an increase in top tension requirements, larger A&R winch systems, and longer cable lengths. Traction and storage winches have a relatively compact design, and are extremely reliable and smooth for the wire rope to safeguard the continuity of operations. IHC’s expertise in swell compensation systems enables us to provide complete deepwater lowering systems.



In-house engineering and winch testing

With our own engineering department dedicated to winch systems, we ensure the best and most efficient solution for your lifting challenge. We offer basic and detailed engineering, planning, production and commissioning – all from one point of contact. Our mixture of creativity, commitment, technical expertise, state-of-the-art 3D modelling software, and a practical and flexible approach is the perfect recipe for successful projects.

All systems are thoroughly tested by IHC. The pull-in systems, for example, undergo dynamic and static pull tests. IHC also has its own production facilities for winches and reels, which enables the wires to be spooled under pre-tension conditions. These procedures result in the delivery of reliable equipment to suit any requirements.

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